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Below is some information about downloading and viewing movies online. This covers some of the common topics, but if you have questions that this doesn't answer, send us an email.
Players and File Types
Downloading Movies
Merging Movie Files Together

Players and File Types
MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg)
MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) is the most widely used media file format on the web, and most media players will play them on Windows. Windows Media Player, and Real Player are the two most popular free players for Windows that will play these and many other files. Back
AVI, DivX (.avi)
An AVI file (Audio Video Interleave) is defined by Microsoft, but can be difficult to play because they are usually encoded with different codecs. This means that the codec must be installed to play the file. The newer versions of Windows Media Player actually go after the codec automatically, so you do not need to worry about. If you use other players, or you are not on the web at the time the codec is requested, you would need to find and install the codec yourself. has a wealth of information. Back
QuickTime (.qt, .mov)
These files are for Apple's media player. This a free application and can play other file formats, although it is the only known player that can handle .qt or .mov files. Back
Real Media(.rm, .ram)
Real Media streams the movie from the server or harddrive. RealPlayer is used to view the movie, but there are alternative players out there. Back
Windows Media Format (.asf, .wma, .wmv)
These are Microsoft's media file formats that include streaming (asf), audio (wma), and downloadable video (.wmv). The newer versions of Windows Media Player can handle these files, while other players cannot. Back
Media players for Mac
The most widely used player for Mac is QuickTime, but there are other players available, such as Real Player and Windows Media Player for Mac. There is also a new player called VLC. It is free you can download it here. It is the only other media player, that we know of, besides QuickTime, that plays mpeg files on Mac. Back
Downloading Movie Files From the Web
Using Microsoft Internet Explorer
Most browsers are configured to automatically play a movie file when it is clicked on. What is really happening is you are downloading the file behind the scenes to a temporary location, and it is played from there. If you want to go back and view the movie files again, they are named differently, and most people do not know where the files are located. On way around this is to right click on the link to the file and choose "Save Target As". This will allow you to view the file later, or merge it to other files. Back
Using Netscape Navigator

The same holds true if you are using Netscape. The only difference is you would right click on the movie link, and choose "Save Link As". You can then name and save the movie file. Back

Merging or Joining Movie Files Together
Many times, movie files are downloaded in several smaller files. To merge or combine these files together, Jfuse is the way to go. It can handle many file types and is very easy to use. Back
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