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When you register Jfuse Media Joiner, and our privacy/security software FileLocker together.

"I like having software that is not only a joiner, but a splitter as well."

"Joining and splitting MPEG files has never been this easy."

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Split MPEG or MP3 Files

Jfuse allows you to split large MPEG (mpg) or MP3 files into several smaller files. Perfect for dealing with a large audio or video file that will not fit onto a single cd. Jfuse is very easy to use and has additional joining functionality as well.
All future upgrades and technical support is included!
Merge MPEG, AVI, or MP3 Files Together
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Jfuse also provide great video joining functionality. It works with all of the major video file formats and is all within the same Jfuse application.


Make Perfect Copies of your DVDs

321 This software allows you to make backups of any DVD! Due to legal issues there is a limited supply of this software and it may not be available for long, so check it out now. More details here.

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