How-To Clean Up Web Surfing Tracks

When you surf on the internet, a good amount of information is stored on your hard drive. The type of information varies, as does the reasons for having it stored on your computer. Some of the data includes:

  • Cookie Information: Basically a text file with entries from some of the sites you visit. The bad thing about this is the file contains the url from each site that makes an entry, so anyone who would want to see what sites you've been to could open up the cookies.txt file under your profile and see every website you've visited that set cookies. (Almost every website sets cookies)
  • Preference Data: This includes items such as your history, and auto-fill features on your web browser. All of those past websites have to be stored somewhere and that somewhere is on your hard drive. Also, the autofill feature can be troublesome when someone like your grandmother uses your computer, begins to enter a url, and auto-complete convieniently starts filling in every porn site you've been to in the past month.
  • Cache: In order for your browser to load pages quicker, it stores images and other parts of a webpage on your computer. This is to allow the pages you visit frequently to be the quickest loading pages. This can be deleted manually in most browsers. For example, in Internet Explorer, go to 'Tools' -> 'Internet Options' and there is a button that says 'Delete Files' under 'Temporary Internet Files'. This will earase your cached files.

For most people, clearing your history, cache and cookies through your web browser's tools is good enough, but if you are looking to get a bullet proof solution, specialized software would be the best way to go. HistoryKill is the industry leader, but there are many similar products that could be found by doing a simple search on Google for 'erase browser history' or something similar. Click on the image below to go to the HistoryKill website.

   History Kill Internet Security

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