Split MPEG or MP3 Files

If you deal with digital media files, whether music or video, you know that the size of the files can be quite large, and this may pose some problems if you want to store them on a disk and they won't fit, or if you want to email them to people, but have a restriction on your attachment size. Jfuse provides a very simple interface for splitting MPEG or MP3 files into evenly sized files. Below is a quick overview of how that is done. For more complete documentation, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Splitting MPEG or MP3 Files
First select the file you want to split by clicking the 'Select File To Split' button. Next, choose the number of files it should be split into by using the drop-down menu provided. Finally, select the directory and file names you want used, and click the 'Split File' button, and your done.
Combine MPEG

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