Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions apply to the person or entity that receives payment for selling MediaByte Inc., or any of our partners' software, goods or services.

2. MediaByte Inc. reserves the right to terminate accounts for any reason. Reasons for termination may include, but are not limited to: abuse of the system, creating or encouraging fraudulent transactions, or unsolicited emailing.

3. Payments are sent out on the second business day of each month for sales generated during the previous month. Checks will only be sent for balances of $25 or more. Affiliates can also choose to be paid by money wire. For balances greater than $250, there is no fee assessed for the money wire. For balances between $100 and $250, a $20 fee will be assessed against the affiliates balance. For balances below $100, the balance will be held until the next pay period. Affiliates can also choose to have their payment held until the balance reaches $250 to avoid paying the fee.

4. If an affiliate produces any sales which result in a refund or chargeback due to a fraudulant transaction, the affiliate's payment will be held until the following pay period to ensure there are adequate funds to repay the charge. If the total percentage of chargebacks/refunds from fraudulant transactions exceeds 15% of the total number of sales, balances will be held until the underlying issue resolved and all refunds and chargebacks have been completed.

5. In the case of a chargeback or refund, the total amount charged back (percentage of purchase price plus credit card processing fee) will be assessed against the current balance.

6. MediaByte Inc, or our partners are not responsible for any damage directly, or indirectly caused by malicious use of our products. All end users of MediaByte software must agree to the end user license agreement to install and use the software.

7. MediaByte Inc reserves the right to ammend these terms and conditions at anytime without notice.